Wayfinding sign design and production

Wayfinding signage that works, does so because it conveys information clearly and concisely.

Its purpose is to direct visitors who are unfamiliar with their surroundings around a building or site without human help. A well designed wayfinding system adds functionality to a building or area.

Wayfinding signage comes in all different shapes and sizes from plate & post, finger post, lectern, hanging, totems, to simple doors signs.

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Clear & Concise Wayfinding

Clear & Concise Directions

Create a clear and concise directional signage for visitors or customers.

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All directional signs can be installed by our expert team regardless of project size or location.

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Wayfinding signs must convey a logical and modular system, or path, that adapts to the immediate and relevant environment, to be recognised, and interpreted, by the human facets of orientation and navigation. To be fully effective, it is necessary to research the build environment and, therefore, establish the most effective placements of the signage.

Wayfinding sign printing and design should be consistent in its appearance and content – use the same sized-lettering and typography throughout all the signs, and display information in the same order consistently.