In a previous article we covered the fascinating origins and history of the business card, and went on to describe how – even in this digital age – they remain in widespread use and can be a tremendously powerful business tool.  Let’s quickly remind ourselves of some of the statistics:

Why use Business Cards at all any more? 

  • over 27 million business cards are printed So what?
  • a card with colour will be held onto up to 10 times longer than a black and white card. And?
  • your details won’t be lost or inaccessible once the computer/phone/tablet is switched off (or runs out of charge). OK I get that but …
  • for every 2,000 card given out, sales will increase by 2.5% NOW you’re talking!


(that’s a big but!) … almost 90% of business cards are discarded in less than a week!

So if you’re convinced of the need for them, how can you make yours memorable?

The 3 essential characteristics of a superb business card

  1. Design
  2. Design
  3. Design

It really is that simple! 

Think about the business cards that you’ve been given that you didn’t throw away within a week (if there are any!).   What was it about them that was so special?  It’s fair to say that it probably wasn’t the contact information itself was it?  It was how they looked … and perhaps even how they felt!

We’re back to the old adage

you only make a first impression once

aren’t we?  You need to think carefully about how you’re going to make your cards stand out … and not be one of the 90%.

The beauty of business card templates 

So let’s now look at the advantages of using pre-exiting templates:

  1. the hard design work has already been done for you
  2. thus saving you time
  3. and also saving you money
  4. you can order them any time you want to, 24/7
  5. ordering is really quick, and easy, and secure
  6. there are numerous fabulous designs to choose from
  7. and options including “Really thick business cards” (to make a really big impression); single or double-sided; laminated; pantone colour matching …
  8. same day service if you need them urgently
  9. value for money – brilliant designs at reasonable prices

Now look at some of these brilliant templates from our web site to get an idea

calderstone image 2
calderstone image 1




  calderstone image 4calderstone image 3





Click here to see many, many more creative, innovative, eye-catching, memorable and brilliant designs – there’s bound to be one just right for you!

So how do you get business cards this good?

It’s easy!

You just click here, or give us a call on 0115 895 0123

… and we’ll be absolutely delighted to help you, work with you to create your perfect business card, and ensure you’re not one of the 90%.